Positive Outcome of Clean Windows


One of the most important things to do, when selling your house, is to have clean windows. It is called staging! Just remember the smell of freshly backed cookies, some soft soothing music, and most of all, sparkling clean windows!  Just imagine buying a new Mercedes, or Porsche, with dirty interior/exterior or grimy windows. I believe you get the picture!

Even if you are not selling your house, you will feel much better with clean windows. Happier! You are actually staging yourself! If that makes you a little nervous – just call us and ask for the new customer discount. Enjoy the difference, and your new found sparkle!



The Way to Start Spring Cleaning


The way to start spring cleaning is with the windows!     On a sunny day  with clean windows you can then see your whole living space without any distraction.  You will get a good ideas to which areas: carpets, floors, furniture and appliances, etc. need attention next.  Cleaning your windows is a good start and we can help you with this. We are professionals, and if you call us for a free estimate you might be surprised as to how reasonable our prices are.  We guarantee you will see a sparkle in your windows after we finish.  Happy Spring!



As I am sitting here writing this blog there is a chance of snow in the forecast. I am looking out my window and I do not see any flakes yet. I notice that the window is so clean, that it looks like there isn’t any glass separating me from nature.

We may not have a white Christmas this year, but we definitely will have a clean Christmas!

No,  I am not a OCD type of guy, I am an ECO guy, that is Everything in Clean Order.


Windows are one the best features in your home

Windows are one of the best and most important features of a new house.  They help create a certain image of your home, and if chosen right will reveal some of your personality. Even more important than the type of window in your house is how often you clean it. If it is sparkling it will let in more light and look cheerful. It will actually gleam if done right, and keep you in a good mode! Next time you clean your house, remember to call  your local New Hope Window Cleaning Service, Inc.



Doesn’t this expression get you excited?!

Way back in evolution, cavemen used to crawl out of their caves and stretch their weary limbs while surveying the new green or gray expanse in front of them. A ferocious and relieved growl would follow before they began dragging piles of bones and bric-a-bracs outside. They would burn some dry sage in their home for extra aroma and never bother cleaning their windows because they did not have any windows!
Today things have changed a bit and everyone has windows! And they need cleaning for a great view and to improve your air quality and your quality of living!
Spring is a time to unclutter and spruce things up.
You may not have the nesting instinct of a person expecting a new life but nobody ever regretted making a new start with clean and sparkling windows!


The Blizzard

How did you like the blizzard of 2016?
It covered everything! The mailbox, the car, the dirty rain gutters and half the dirty windows! Out of sight and out of mind….
the heavy rains will clean away the snow in your gutters and in front of your windows. Any leaves left in your gutters will clog your downspouts and the overflow will give your windows a good dirty rinse.

If you call us by Valentine’s Day we will be happy to clean your windows professionally at our special winter rates and clean out your rain gutters at a very good price as well!

What we do best since 1979 is make people happy by sparkling up their windows and cleaning up their gutters. Call us, rest easy and enjoy!


It is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It is the most wonderful time of the year, so why not treat yourself! Have your windows cleaned by New Hope Window Cleaning Service, Inc.!  We have been helping out Santa since 1979, since he is not able to get enough window cleaning practice at the North Pole. We are glad to help and you will be glad you checked out our website at  Remember “he sees you while you’re sleeping” and that will be a lot harder to do if your windows are dirty!

Merry Christmas to all from your local window cleaning elves!


Are you looking for a great birthday gift?

Are you looking for a great birthday present? How about a house full of sparkling clean windows? It will usually saves somebody days of hard labor. So have our professional team come in and do an outstanding job in less than half a day!

Forget wasting all those paper towels and inhaling that toxic Windex smell. Sit in an easy chair and enjoy the show while we clean your windows with earth friendly cleaners!


Have You Ever?


Have you ever had your windows cleaned professionally?  Did you notice a huge difference?  We are professional window cleaners and can see the improvement every day. No!  Every minute!  Besides getting paid for making this difference in our customers’  lives-we also appreciate the changing outlook from pane to pane !  We can compare it to cleaning our reading glasses and noticing a great difference. Just the other day I had to have my windshield of my truck replaced. After the job was completed and I drove away it felt like there wasn’t any glass in front of me. I felt connected to nature ahead of me. I felt like I could reach out and touch things.  Windows are really there to protect and keep out the elements, like water, ice, bugs and debris. They are not there to keep you from seeing the view. That’s what shades are for. Call us so you can enjoy the view!  You will be glad for this.


Buying new windows


If you ever wondered about which windows to buy for your home you first might want to ask Otto Alber, owner and founder of New Hope Window Cleaning Service, Inc.

He has seen them all in his 36 years of window cleaning.

Just the other day he heard about low E-windows that concentrated and reflected sunlight into narrow slits of light onto your patio, capable of melting deck furniture or your neighbors vinyl siding.

He will even advise you on how best  to clean your windows or who to call for an outstanding professional window cleaning job!